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Rubber Wolf?

Hey there. My name is Big Tony Fero.

I make weirdo monster art, underground comix n' junk.


If you're looking for mainstream superhero comics or those indie comics that are desperately trying to be just as boring and formulaic as the big companies, then you're in the wrong place, Jack!

All we've got is weird and wacky funny books. If that's something you think you might dig then hit that button right down there....


We got T-shirts n' junk!

Bro. You wouldn't believe all the crap you can buy with Rubber Wolf? artwork on it!
Guess what? There's a link right down there...

Buy T-shirts and stuff!

Look at this stuff.

Here go some artwork that I did.

In addition to making comix, sometimes I make record covers and posters and what-not. I can do artwork for you if you want. 

Rubber Wolf?


3006 Wolverine Dr
Ann Arbor, MI 48108-2042, US

About us

We make make independent underground lo-brow weirdo monster horror punk rock n' roll art and comic books.

Social media? We got all that s#!t, tough guy.
(Twitter is awful though. We don't f**k w/ Twitter.)