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About Rubber Wolf?

Big Tony Fero (formerly known as "O'Farrell) (that's me, speaking in the third person for some reason) has been creating "artwork" since he was Small Tony. Some time in the latter half of the 20th century, he began believing all those people who kept telling him that he was good at it. Since then he has been on a quixotic quest to convince the rest of the world of this fact. Over the past 20-odd years, Big Tony has even successfully convinced numerous individuals and organizations to financially compensate him for scrawling his horrific images. It has since become his ultimate goal to encourage this type of activity as much as possible. Besides helping musical artists to pursue their delusions of grandeur, Big Tony has also entertained such delusions his damn self. Most famously with the ill-fated "Punk Rock" combo, Mazinga and with other solo musical projects: The Corpsemaker! and Fero's Curse. Fero has also been known to waste a tremendous amount of time creating and publishing bizarre comics which are sometimes enertaining and often baffling.

Social Media?

We got all that s#!t, tough guy. (Twitter is awful though. We don't f**k w/ Twitter.)

Rubber Wolf?


3006 Wolverine Dr
Ann Arbor, MI 48108-2042, US

About us

We make make independent underground lo-brow weirdo monster horror punk rock n' roll art and comic books.

Social media? We got all that s#!t, tough guy.
(Twitter is awful though. We don't f**k w/ Twitter.)